Corporate Workshops

To attract and retain diverse talent, reach a broader market and increase profitability, leaders need to create a culture of belonging. Empowering Partners’ Workshop Series sets the foundation for an organization’s shift from a mono-cultural to multicultural mindset that jumpstarts safe conversation and identifies systems that help and hinder effective business. This is not just diversity training; this is the development of cultural intelligence, based on scientific, measured outcomes. This is the skill set you’ve been missing. In this Workshop Series, participants will:

  1. Create a Case for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
    • Discover the stages of development for a multicultural mindset and their impact on employee and customer engagement
  2. Outsmart Unconscious Bias
    • Learn how to outsmart unconscious bias to effectively hire and retain diverse people
  3. Explore Empathy
    • Understand other perspectives to create value for people in diverse markets
  4. Develop Cultural Consciousness
    • Discover cultural characteristics that help and hinder authentic working relationships increasing engagement and productivity
  5. Learn Methods to Safely Talk Again
    • Develop communication skills that create a culture of safety and belonging for everyone
  6. Identify Systems that Help and Hinder Business
    • Discover how race and racism were constructed in the United States
    • Use cultural intelligence to uncover systems that hinder employee and customer engagement and implement practices for greater productivity, innovation and profit

Path to Intercultural Competence

Using the Workshop Series as the foundation, Empowering Partners can accelerate the speed at which people and organizations adopt a cross-cultural mindset. Depending on the level of intentional work, an organization can take the Path to Intercultural Competence and within 6-9 months become measurably more culturally proficient, thus improving employee engagement, client diversity, and profitability. The Path includes:

An Overview of Our Process

When we work together, we will:

  1. Hold a Discovery Meeting with the CEO and HR Manager to identify painful issues and define intended outcomes
  2. Take the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) ® (IDI ®), an on-line assessment tool for 25-30 participant-leaders to determine level of cultural intelligence. The assessment is followed by an individual Debriefing session for each participant to learn their results and create personal goals for developing an intercultural mindset. This will Identify individual & organizational gaps 
for working in a diverse environment.
  3. Complete the 6-Session Workshop Series for those same 25-30 participant-leaders. In these 1.5 hour-long workshops participant-leaders will learn and practice the skills for working intelligently across cultural environments.
  4. Create Ambassador Teams of 5-6 people (from the participant-leader group) to refine and share cultural intelligence skills in small groups. For the sake of sustainability, on-going development and accountability, the teams meet four times, once a month for 1.5 hours. Teams will then create a Report-out presentation for corporate leadership.
  5. Hold Cultural Intelligence Strategizing Sessions to create a Corporate-wide Strategy for Cultural Intelligence & Inclusion. Note: following the work, the IDI and Debriefing session can be re-administered to measure and document corporate growth for cultural intelligence.