Executive Coaching

Executives today have to inspire others, lead a team and manage stakeholders all while guiding change and growing their organization. This is particularly challenging as demographics shift; they and everyone in the organization needs to work effectively with people who hold differing perspectives and have unique backgrounds. Empowering Partners Executive Coaching meets the leader where they are, sets goals for success together, uses the real-world issues the executive is facing to help them expand their cultural intelligence skills and pull culturally intelligent policy and practice throughout their team and organization.

Hiring an executive coach gives you confidence!

  1. Take the Intercultural Development Inventory® to determine current mindset for navigating conversations
  2. Meet one-to-one bi-weekly or monthly to put into action the leadership style that reflects you
  3. Get personalized resources for conflict resolution, setting expectations for success and creating clear boundaries
  4. Learn how to lead with the skills needed to confidently talk and work with just about anyone

Executive coaching reduces the sense of isolation leaders can feel when everyone is looking to them for direction.

Value – You don’t have to do this alone!

Studies show 93% of employers would offer coaching to all employees if money and resources allowed. To genuinely care for others though, you need to first care for yourself. By hiring Empowering Partners, you immediately get a sounding board for your ideas, encouragement from an experienced mentor and practical steps you can use today for effectively managing interpersonal relationships.

The more difficult the challenges are managing people and setting clear boundaries for success, the more important it is to hire a coach.

It’s hard to be productive when team members are fighting, not speaking or undermining one another. At Empowering Partners, we have a proven methods for addressing interpersonal roadblocks, conflict resolution and setting clear boundaries that create a win-win scenario for everyone. You can avoid years of “cold war” by being proactive and effectively handling difficult conversations now. Get the one-on-one training and support you need by reaching out today.

Case Study

Issue: Petra, VP of HR for a hospital system, was tasked by her boss to speak up more in meetings, and find her voice with her colleagues. Her boss knew she had great ideas and skills to contribute, but did not understand why she was not collaborating. Petra was struggling with trusting that her judgment was legitimate. Perfectionism was undermining her confidence, and she didn’t recognize the value of affirmation. Together, these hang-ups were silencing and sidelining her voice and leadership abilities.

Resolution: Talking with Dr. Amy one-to-one, Petra began to share how her religious upbringing and being a woman taught her never to judge. Dr. Amy could also see Petra’s tendency for perfectionism was hindering her from feeling confident and realizing everyone needs recognition and affirmation. With Dr. Amy recognizing and accepting Petra where she was, Petra was able to see her unique self and leadership style as valuable. Now knowing what was holding her back, Petra found her voice and confidence as a leader. With her new-found confidence, Petra found she was using her cultural intelligence tools and speaking 40% more than she had before!