Ambassador Groups

Lack of cultural intelligence can stifle conversation internally and block productive problem solving and conflict resolution. Many times, we fall into blame and shame rather than putting our heads together to get to a shared understanding with others. Empowering Partner’s Ambassador Groups are small, safe groups where your team will apply their Cultural Intelligence vocabulary, skills and attitide learned Live Interactive Workshop Series to create system-wide practices and policies where everyone feels valued, seen, heard and engaged.

Ambassador Groups-Empowering Partners

Ambassador Groups give your team facilitated support as they try out the new skills learned in the Workshop Series in the safe space of a small group. The Workshop Series are a required pre-requisite for Ambassador Groups to develop a common language and set of tools for holding authentic conversations and solving wicked problems. Using their cultural intelligence, you’ll see your team begin to:

  1. Slow down to work fast.
  2. Recognize the value of giving and receiving compassion.
  3. Collaborate with colleagues even when they have great differences.
  4. Discover how to bridge gaps and avoid “us versus them” traps.
  5. Cultivate allies and be a better advocate.

Value – Together we can!

When teams apply their learning and work together in the spirit of compassion for their own and others’ context, real change starts to occur. Ambassador Group members apply their learning from the Workshop Series. Together they examine a real problem, do a needs assessment, deeply listen to communities impacted and develop meaningful action for systemic change.

Individuals cannot address systemic change by themselves. Ambassador groups unite the team behind a shared mission. Coaching ensures they have the skills to create and sustain a safe, creative, savvy space where everyone feels valued, heard and engaged.

Case Study

Issue: A financial-industry leader and his team were struggling with the aggressive behavior of a customer. The customer came into the branch in a tirade using racial slurs against the manager. Team members and other customers felt unsafe. The leader immediately reacted with equal force, removing the customer by escorting them out of the branch. The leader told the customer they were not welcome in the branch again. During the next Ambassador Group meeting, the leader wondered out loud if there was a more culturally intelligent solution. He asked the group for help. Initially, the group felt with the leader and thought he had responded appropriately. The facilitator of the Ambassador Group asked, “That is definitely one solution. How might we use our cultural intelligence to take care of both the team and the customer so that no one is alienated? What is a win-win option?”

Resolution: The Ambassador Group put their heads together to apply a cultural intelligence strategy; they considered there might have been more to the customer’s story. This helped the the group imagine what the customer was going through and empathize with their experience. This enabled the Ambassador Group to come up with culturally intelligent guidelines for branch managers to slow things down when a customer comes in hot, while keeping the team safe and moving toward a resolution where everyone feels valued, seen and heard. The strategy created by the Ambassador Group was possible because the group meets regularly, intentionally creates safe space to explore real-life opportunities and challenges organization experiences like this one.