What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Amy Narishkin is an expert in the area of cultural intelligence providing interviews, executive coaching, consulting, education in the form of workshops and executive coaching for individuals and organizations to grow their skill, compassion and heart for connecting with and working effectively with other people who are different from them. To request an interview with Dr. Amy or invite her to speak at an event, contact her directly at [email protected].
“I first met Dr. Amy when I went to NAWIC’s National Conference [National Association of Women in Construction] in Portland, Oregon this past summer. Her session on cultural intelligence was a perfect way to kick-start the whole conference for me. Since it was my first time at National, I was filled with anxiety on what to expect, who to talk with and how to manage the large crowds because I’m not a person to just come right up to you and introduce myself. Dr. Amy laid the groundwork for me to be able to relax, participate, enjoy and open up to meet new people. In her workshop, I learned how to genuinely hear others and be heard.”

– Michelle Russell, Branch Manager, MGX Equipment Services, LLC

Dr. Amy, the classes I’ve taken with you, continue to be relevant and applicable in every level of engagement. I’ve discovered that cultural intelligence transcends skin color. In my business, I often talk with adults and teens of my same ethnicity. However, I’ve learned we have different cultural backgrounds and experiences. Instead of working to “fit in” I’ve learned to pause and listen. I’ve also used the tools learned in your classes to teach my children. In a world of unpredictable ignorance, I’ve worked to disarm trigger words and phrases. Instead of matching hate with hate, I’ve taught them to match hate with compassion.

Every environment I enter, I lead with compassion and cultural intelligence. Being conscious of my environment and the unknown, I’ve learned through your classes not to take people personally. I now understand that everyone has a story. People’s experiences shape their perspectives and responses. But I know now I can pause, listen and learn more about them before I respond or react.

Kimberly St. Clair, Owner and CEO of Doc Dash

I personally attended one of Dr. Narishkin’s Workshops. Her presentation, stories, and activities (not role playing situations) are informative and thought provoking. I went to her training, Outsmarting Unconscious Bias with a huge assumption that ‘she wasn’t talking about anything that I needed to know about.’ It was eye-opening to learn to see situations from a different perspective and how it impacts the people we serve and the people we serve with! After the Workshop, I was so excited to bring Dr. Narishkin to us to add to our volunteer training.

Volunteer Coordinator, St. Louis

As a leader of an organization, it is our obligation to raise awareness and understanding of cultural differences.  By participating in the Empowering Partners Workshop Series, Taking the Lead with Diversity, I learned that 65% of the population tends to minimize the differences between us, which in the ends stunts our emotional growth and ability to move forward.  Amy provides great tools and brings people together on a personal level that increases and promotes cultural awareness. Because both employees and customers experience safety and belonging, this Workshop Series has increased both collaboration and productivity in our workplace.

Chief Executive Officer, St. Louis

Dr. Amy has been a dear friend since the day we met! I first met her in June 2023 when I attended her workshop and we’ve stayed in touch. I’ve attended several DEI trainings but never one that grabbed and held my attention the way hers did. The way she delivers the content and her easily digestible approach to becoming a more culturally competent person is what sets her training apart from others.

-Kandi Chamberlain, Program Manager, Virginia State Office of Rural Health

“Powerless to Empowered: How to Discover Your Voice with Cultural Intelligence” interactive webinar. Everyone in our branch who was in the webinar learned a lot. This material will make for positive changes and positive thinking. This is one of the very best experiences for me here at White Cap. I am truly grateful.

– Sales, Construction Company, Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Amy came to talk with my Leadership Council about her own leadership journey and how she came to practice and teach Cultural Intelligence. Not only did we hear the unfolding of how her good heart opened to make the world a more equitable place, but we also got a crash course in the ways we already are Culturally Intelligent and how we can grow to understand even better the myriad cultures we within which live and work. What she taught us was simultaneously eye-opening, deep, important, not entirely surprising, and incredibly healing for businesses, communities and society.

“Dr. Amy’s insight and wisdom can be used as a lens for people and companies to see each other more clearly and make the world more functional and compassionate for everyone in it.

Amy Scharff
President, Leadership Council LLC
St. Louis, MO

During our workshop on Cultural Proficiency, Amy effectively presented research on majority culture and its impact on each of us, unpacked fears behind the audience’s reservation to share thoughts and feelings about social justice, and gave context by offering a big picture of how culture is created and sustained. And most importantly, she affirmed and modeled positive responses to different perspective; thus, encouraging further dialogue and relationship building. As a result, during the workshop, the teachers were able to comfortably and civilly share insight and growth about their new understanding of race and social justice.

Educational Consultant, St. Louis

This Workshop Series was definitely an eye-opening and beneficial experience that I will use for the rest of my life both personally and professionally. Thank you, Amy.

Operations Manager, St. Louis

I’ve never been one to do something intentionally to hurt someone’s feelings. And thanks to this workshop I now have the power to bring up uncomfortable topics and find solutions with the people I work with.

Driver, St. Louis

Dr. Amy Narishkin did a great job creating a safe space for our participants to explore unconscious bias and how their predisposed ways of thinking and processing the world can get in the way of relating well to others.  Amy modeled well a reflective attitude that listened to and honored each person’s story and experience.  Our participants had incredibly positive feedback for Amy’s content and style!

Executive Director, St. Louis

Dr. Amy Narishkin – great passion, great energy, great topic!

CEO, St. Louis

It is so easy to think you’re always right and close out other people’s ideas or to take the easy road simply because it is easier. Dr. Narishkin’s Workshop, Taking the Lead with Diversity helped me to uncover my natural bias tendencies and open my way of thinking to consider the road less traveled. After completing the course, I am able to be a more effective and collaborative team member by listening carefully to others’ for greater understanding and seeking ways to make the end result more powerful for all of us involved. The kicker is, I always thought I did this…until I took this class and my eyes were opened, and now I know better.

Transport Office Manager, St. Louis

As we learned in the Workshop, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes was very beneficial to me.  I had gotten so caught up in just the day-to-day of running the location that I have forgotten to look through the eyes of my younger employees. When I slow down and stop to listen to them to talk to one another, and to me about themselves, I have much better communication with them. The other day, I was listening to one of my employees talk to another co-worker about what was going on in his life.  It made me realize that how I was approaching him was the wrong way. I was making him feel defensive but not listening. One afternoon recently, we talked without anyone around and he opened up to me more about what was going on. It was encouraging to understand and what I could do to help. Also, I shared with him my past and what I have had to overcome with some of the challenges in my life. The end result are that I was able to walk in his shoes and he was able to walk in mine. Since our talk I have seen a change for the better with him being more understanding toward his co-workers and not letting the small stuff get to him.

Manager, St. Louis

Dr. Amy Nariskin is a dedicated professional coach, insightful strategist, and a caring educator with a robust heart of an advocate. The successful approaches employed by Amy as a facilitator and the innovative group interactions under her leadership that have benefited many professionals, adult learners, and corporate leaders, have been a great blessing to me as well. Dr. Amy Nariskin provided me with the professional help that further advanced my abilities and cognitive skills. Her unique skill sets and her passion to improve others have helped advance me to become more specialized in my mission and better equipped to develop others. As a developing consultant and facilitator myself, Amy has been an immeasurable supporter and mentor in my life. I believe Amy was born to motivate, impart, educate, and activate the potential in others. I applaud her faithfulness, support her mission, and appreciate her integrity.

Pastor, St. Louis