Leadership Consulting

At times, teams and organizations face urgent issues or recurring problems that seem beyond the scope of leadership or impossible to resolve from within. Empowering Partners Consulting can happen as needed – as an organization’s introduction to cultural intelligence or called on when new situations arise within an already culturally intelligent organization.

Empowering Partners Leadership Consulting services can address a wide range of issues including:

  • Infighting between people, groups or departments
  • Low employee engagement and innovation
  • Employee retention and timeliness
  • Customer alienation

With coaching, Empowering Partners addresses pop-up concerns, addresses conflict, clarified boundaries, helps get in-front of drama and smooths transitions. Depending on the need, we’ll start with a discovery session, uncover the pain and its impact, determine the stakeholders and create a meaningful action plan with measurable outcomes.

Value – We can do this together!

With cultural intelligence consulting, team members partner with impacted stakeholders to bring their diverse perspectives to the problem-solving – increasing morale, camaraderie, effectiveness and success. Together we create win-win scenarios so everyone feels valued and engaged.

Ignoring tough conversations makes them fester and ultimately creates more problems. The decision to bring in outside support can bring pause but acting together on behalf of the organization brings relief and creates buy-in. Reach out today and we’ll share a proven process for addressing challenges and creating win-win scenarios. It feels good to know there’s a solution and you’re on the right track.

Case Study

Issue: A healthcare-industry HR VP and her colleagues were struggling with the behavior of their in-house counsel. His ability and work ethic shine when it was time for him to perform his job or when the topic of the meeting was about his area, but on any other occasion he was actively disruptive. In meetings, he whispered to his neighbor about others in the room, scrolled through his phone and didn’t contribute to the conversation. While these issues had been raised with in-house counsel before, he was dismissive and his behavior remained the same.
Resolution: With consulting support, the HR VP was able to acknowledge how angry and frustrated she felt with the in-house counsel’s words and actions. Once she noticed and named the issues and how they were impacting her and her colleagues, she was ready to articulate the specific unhelpful behaviors and create the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). With the help of her Empowering Partners coach, the HR professional identified the specific productive behaviors to replace the distracting behaviors and a timeframe for improvement for the PIP. This behavior-specific structure of the PIP gave her CEO the language to set expectations for growth with his direct report and set culturally intelligent standards for the company.