About Dr. Amy

Retention and engagement are at an all-time low, and leaders are finding they must create a culture of safety and belonging. That’s what Dr. Amy Narishkin and the Empowering Partners consultancy is all about. With a PhD in adult education and 30 years’ experience, Dr. Amy provides training, coaching and strategic guidance to help organizations across multiple industries, including financial, healthcare, construction and manufacturing, make the shift to Cultural Intelligence.

As CEO of Empowering Partners, LLC, she has worked with more than 400 leaders—CEOs, Executive Directors and management teams in and the US and other countries—to effectively increase their ability to lead, retain and engage people who have different perspectives and backgrounds. Dr. Amy leverages a globally recognized tool for measuring ability to navigate cross-cultural conversations—the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®)—as a certified administrator.

In program evaluations, she regularly receives over 90% “exceeds expectations” from participants. As a cross-cultural thought leader and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Amy empowers leaders to create an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, seen and engaged. To jumpstart your own or your organization’s cultural intelligence, bringing the freedom to talk and work with just about anyone, contact Dr. Amy and read her latest blog.