Speaking Engagements

Looking for a keynote where nobody’s left out of the conversation? Dr. Amy has interactive presentations that are candid, engaging and fun.

These motivating workshops and keynotes deliver confidence and tools you can use today to feel to talk and work with just about anyone.

Working together after IDI-Empowering Partners

Empowering Partners offers custom-designed interactive Workshops and Keynote talks. An introductory session can help participants develop initial skills for successful cross-cultural conversations. Topics can include:

  • Powerless to Empowered: How to find your voice with cultural intelligence
  • Polarizing to Peacemaking: Boost diversity and engagement and collaboration
  • Taskmaster to Trust-Builder: How leaders use cultural intelligence to boost diversity and productivity
  • Abandonment to Acceptance: How cultural intelligence helps save lives
  • Exclusive to Expansive: Use cultural intelligence to create work that genuinely engages your market