Cultural Intelligence

Do you want to hire and retain top diverse talent and reach a broader market?

Corporate Workshops

Empowering Partner’s Workshop Series lays the foundation for greater organizational collaboration, productivity and innovation.

Seven Symptoms

Does your organization have any of these 7 symptoms of a mono-cultural mindset?

Reality Isn’t Harsh

With greater understanding, our gaze softens, compassion grows and we see opportunities for innovation we hadn’t seen before.

How to Deal with an Ignorant Remark in Five Steps

In an either/or set-up, one person wins and the other loses. That’s a problem because the outcome can never be 100% positive. If anyone loses, both parties lose. They both lose the opportunity to build a relationship. People and families lose connection; organizations lose productivity. So how do we all win? We know we’ve really “won” when compassion and understanding is felt by all; oneself and our colleague, client, friend or family member.

Unions or Unity: A CEO’s Dilemma

After years of being belittled under a system of Minimization, minorities may hesitate to speak up for fear of retaliation, social isolation or job loss even when a manager asks them to speak up. But when managers slow down and deeply listen, they’ll learn the root cause of distress and how it can be resolved.

A Hire Power: How to Really Get to Know a Candidate

To de-center our thinking and get to a place of higher understanding about a candidate, we need to slow down the conversation.

Leadership Enlightened: How to Upend the Status Quo

Because, statistically, most leaders in power often lack the self- and system-awareness of their impact on others, they don’t have the skills, vocabulary and practice talking and learning with people who have been historically silenced.

Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Learn how to help fellow whites see and dismantle systems that marginalize entire groups of people and that stifle retention and promotion of people of color, women and those who are differently-abled.

Talking Turkey

Whether or not you agree or can even imagine what they have gone through, you can affirm another person’s feelings about their experience. Cultural Intelligence allows us to stand in solidarity with another, communicating you are not alone.

How to Hire People on the Spectrum

A CEO asked me, “What do my employees and I need to know to hire and retain people who are on the spectrum?” He has a manufacturing company with highly technical jobs that require precision, repetition and care. The CEO’s question gave me the opportunity to...

A Case of Sexual Harassment

In organizations with Cultural Intelligence, majorities don’t assume that another person’s experience is just like their own. Rather they assume they don’t know, apply curiosity and work to learn the other’s story and experience.

How Middle Managers Can Make a Difference

If we think we know what someone is going to say or do, we’re already near the top of the ladder. Leaders can be aware that embedded assumptions can hinder our ability to connect with people, practices and information and can stifle inquiry.

Dr. Amy Narishkin

Dr. Amy Narishkin

Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

About Dr. Amy Narishkin

“Leaders need to create a culture of safety and belonging for everyone to live their best and most productive life,” says Dr. Amy S. Narishkin. With a PhD in Adult Education and 25+ years of teaching, researching and mentoring, Amy works with CEO’s, management teams and those who take the lead in organizations to effectively implement the tools for cultural intelligence.

Her consulting and workshops help leaders and organizations develop the capacity to value, include and engage the unique strengths present in your workforce to deliver on the high performance promises of diversity.

In addition to her work in corporations, non-profits, schools and churches Amy is also an advocate for cultural intelligence at home with her international CEO husband, four thriving high school to adult children and her passion for church and community volunteering.

To jump start your cultural intelligence check out Amy’s book Awoke in Progress: An Interactive Journal for Developing Intercultural Consciousness.